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Besides brain juices

2011-08-09 16:33:27 by omniamalgam

So I want to update the things I'm connected to, you know, get in some new pictures, maybe write a story or something like that. What with everywhere I am, it'd be helpful to be more recognisable, but due to unfortunate circumstances and the limited capabilities of my one saveing grace/teather to the internet, that's all a bit out of my reach for the moment. Really need to take that banner down too, I may like hiku, but it's a little... well... old, and kinda gives the wrong idea about me at first glance. I guess the positive here is the newly obtained keyboard, while not as virtually indestructable as it's predecessor, it gets the job of typing done. Theirs so much else to do, and so little time to do it. Had I the right mind set I could probably get it all done in a month, give or take a few factors, but I'm just not that clever to get it done.


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