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2011-03-10 22:37:28 by omniamalgam

Dr.phil: Hello everyone, i wanna welcome you today to the show, today's show deals with a lonely creature, who was created by an eager man who is facsinated by nature. When the monster was created, his father, disgusted by his apperance, breifly abandend him, or as to say, his child. Since then the monster has strived to survive on his own.he surprizingly learned how to read, write, and talk. He was denied and frightened by others for his apperance, since then, the monster felt loneliness and unaccepted, these feelings grew towards his father. Todays show deals with forgiveness and acceptance between the two. Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to help me welcome, Docter Victor Frankenstein, **clap to encourage clapping**please give him a round of applause

Frankenstein: **walk on stage, smile (really smile, show some teeth) and wave, sit down**

Dr.phil: Hello Victor, how are you today?

Frankenstein: I'm alright, actually a bit nervous.

Dr.phil: Care to tell us why?

Frankenstein: I can't explain the feeling, my son and I reunite, I don't really know how I feel, I created him but I'm the one who abandoned him. I don't know if he will be able to forgive me.

Dr.phil: Do you see it as a possibility of him forgiving you, and do you accept him the way he is?

Frankenstien: It's hard to say, especially if you've abandened your child. I must admit, I do still find it's hard to accept him, even just who he is. After all, when i pictured him, he didn't look the way he does now, can I truely be blamed for this?

Dr.phil: Over all the... unattractiveness, do you love your son?

Frankenstien: Well, he is my child/creation... i guess i have no choice but to do so.

Dr.phil: It sounds like your not even trying here, I mean he's your son, and things don't go the way as planned, look around you, people are born with disorders like down syndrome or some other disease, but they still support their friends.

Frankenstien: Your right! but I didn't mean for it to be this way.

**comercial break**
Creation walks out on stage and yells "puddin' pops, their delicious, eat 'em.
**back to the show**
Dr.phil: I see this is the way it is and so does your son Everyone please welcome "the monster" **clap to encourage clapping**please give him a round of applause...

The creation: **grrs at dr.phil, and sits down**

Frankinstien: he preffers "creation"

Dr.phil: the creation... hello how are you today?

Creation: I can't really complain, I'm alive arn't I?

Dr.phil: Yes you are, and you come a long way. So you gotta tell me, how did it feel that your creator/dad left you?

Creation: At first, I didn't know what was going on, I had to learn the hard way, and i got a rude awakening.

Dr.phil: Do you still feel angry? how do you feel? anything you have to say? to your father here?

Creation: Victor, as much as it pains me, I have to look at your face! you come out here telling him how you can't accept me, and it pains me how you put me through hell and act like you still don't care! you aide the whims of unknown souls? yet you cast aside your very own? your responsibility to the ages?!!?! i was with you on your wedding night and i killed your wife, honestly part of me feels relief now...

Frankinstine: I understand how you feel, but I just wanted you to be just like everybody else.

Creation: oh yeah? well what did you expect when you use dead body parts?

Frankenstine: i wasn't thinking!

Creation: and to think i was the one without a brain...

Frankenstien: YOU HAVE A BRAIN!

Creation: no i have some bum's brain, it's not mine, i have no brain, no heart and no life.

Frankenstien: emo

Dr.phil: okay... i give up... you 2 are beyond my help, go get out, get out of my studio out out OUT!!

Cration: wait thats it?

Frankenstien: this sucks, i want my money back.

Creation: money???

Dr.phil: you never paid any money genious.

Frankenstine: oh.... damn...

Dr.phil: get out.


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2011-05-12 17:08:12

dude when do you get on chat again?


2011-08-02 23:15:16