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another genaric naruto post

2010-08-30 05:22:40 by omniamalgam

if your reading this and your a fan of naruto of any caliber leave a comment.
but enough about my life.
so yumacon (look it up) 2008 my dad umknowingly steps into the yaowi room. no idea what the hells going on some guy starts talking. apparantly their was some kind of contest that involved a corn keychain as a prize.
my father was dressed in a homemade akatski outfit and was the member from the village hidden in the corn, so he had an akatski robe with a picture of a corn cob on his back, and an abnormality large ear of corn as a weapon. as the guy who was talking was about to wrap up his speech my dad stood up and said "GENTLEMEN..... BEHOLD....." and the entire room flips out and yells "CORN!!!" true story.
2009=the next year when i went, about 30 something people said "hey i know you." "don't i know you from somewhere?" "oh my god THE CORN NINJA!!^o^" "dude you have a shadow clone (aka me)" "it was so traumatizing, i'll never be able to forget it" etc. point being, my dad is big, tough, a badass when being a narutard, and yumacon legend. and i'm his fucking kid ^_~
yumacon 2010= ????????????

Towers of fiction (and then some hiku for you)

2010-08-25 17:41:57 by omniamalgam

Towers of Fiction

I am from fiction and fact.
Brought to life by broken promises, surprise decisions, and operator error.
Built of unfortunate events, built of pain, and built of joy.

I am from towers of fiction, and spires of hope,
Built upon hard concrete and cold logic, made fertile by a thousand tears.
I am from video games, poorly reviewed movies, and books few would understand.
I am from American soil, dominated by people who are alien to it.

I am from the south and from the north.
My people invaded, and enslaved in their land by people who are alien to it.
They teach me their ideas, and their beliefs
And what they determine to be fact, fable, and fiction.

I get what poor people want,
And I get what people need.
I am what all that interest's me,
However I am still never freed.

I write, I read, I draw, or relieve some hate,
And pray for the life I create.
At the end of the day
I'm an average Joe, just like you.

Then I tell myself no, as I ask some big questions, for that life.
Where, what, when, why and who?
To get this exciting life, can I do or go to,
And make what I want wrong or right.

The choice unfortunately is always the same,
I contemplate actions and effects at night.
I always say no, and deny myself a most exciting right.
After all, most people think it silly or a crime,
Just to get caught up in a big fight.

I am from Wolves and Crows, from Dragons and Titans.
I am of Shadows and Skulls, of Stones and the High Sea.
I am from Swords and Spears, from Shields and Self-repair.
I am of Blood and Bone, and of Smoke and Sinew.

I am from every thing, from Totems to Towers of Fiction; I am from Fable and Opinion.
I am of the American spirit, of Souls and their Fire.
A fire that Burns, Bigger, Brighter,
And more beautiful with each dousing of hate and jealousy.
A Fire that cannot be quenched by body counts and bomb blasts.

I am from contradictions,
I am human, and I am beast
I am a tool, I am a weapon
I am a lover, I am a fighter
I am a wolf, I am a vampire
I am a guardian, I am a thief
I am a samurai, I am a ninja
I am the knight, I am the dragon
I am a native, I am a alien
I am a solider, I am a terrorist
I am a hunter, I am a predator
I am a martyr, I am a murderer

Yet ultimately, I am just from the collective thoughts that lead to insanity, confusion, and mass hysteria. And if your lucky you just got a glimpse of my mind, through this crazed rhyme, in this fictionalized time.
Some hyku for you,
Enjoy it while its still new,:D
Or I'll get blue :'(

I hate broccoli
I totally think it sucks
Why is it not meat?

Creepy, creepy, place
Scary, dark, all in your face
I'll pick up the pace

I am a poet
It takes time to make a rhyme
Lord do I know it

My little brother
Family is all in the blood
You are greatly loved

Crawling up the wall
Racing to its fragile home
A spider alone

Five syllables first
Seven syllables second
Another five third

A little sparrow
Gliding gently on the breeze
Flying with great ease

Edger Allen Poe
Quote the raven, never more
It's him we adore

A crow most graceful
In the city of angels
Looks for salvation

The most restless soul
To right the wrongs of their death
The dead come to life

wolves all in big packs
running together through snow
chasing swift rabbits

All our hectic lives
We hold them so vary tight
Why still fear the end

sprouting from the ground
raising and growing more green
a fifty foot tree

Too wiped-out to start
Praying to never finish
Taking a big stretch

Famous final words
"Hey, what does this button do"?
Followed by a boom

Why are people scared?
It's only a man with paint
Clowns are not scary

Sanity is mad
Order is insanity
Chaos reigns supreme

Driving us mad
The madness that is a life
Chaos is the cure

It's worth the money
Do I have to graduate?
Man I love college

if it is a war
if it is a tragedy
why would we do that?

so as a tradition

2010-08-25 17:30:26 by omniamalgam

i blindfold myself and ride my bike down from the top of a parking structure next to the library when i have a good trip (ie. i go to the library and get stuff done) it's like gliding because you dont use your legs as much, it's freaking scary but so cool.

so as a tradition

look what i figured out

2010-08-25 16:43:20 by omniamalgam

so i now understand how to get a pic next to a review and i have a dragon, yay
what do you think?

i wanted this but it was too big or something, damn

look what i figured out

what have i done?!?!

2010-08-22 15:16:31 by omniamalgam

my friend and i have come up w/ a new idea for a rap spin on halleluja.
(beat boxing)
i here there was a this single cord
some guy named david played, and it pleases the lord,
but 'choo don't really give a shit about music do ya mother fucker?
it goes like dat an dis,
the fourth the fith (a vodka)
the miner fall, the major lift
my crazy ass neighbors say halellujas
my n***a sayz halellujas (praise god mother fuckin halelluja)

the idea of someone actually doing this truely scares me half to death.

so a couple of days agosome stuff came in from somewhere on the internet, and it came in styrofoam peanuts, later i dumped the peanuts into the garbage. days later (or today) i realized that some 30 of the peanuts landed in my hot flight attendent neighbor's yard. i ended ip asking her if i could run my lawn mower over the peanuts. i knocked on her door and when she answered she was hiding behind the wall by her door. she had apparently just gotten out of the shower with only a lavender towel that would have shown a little more than was barganed for on any larger woman. i politely turned away once i'd figured that out, but not before noticing her usually well kept hair was now frizzy and increadably sexy. i don't know where such restraint came from, but were i some other person i don't think i would have been so..... not a rapeist i guess. but if i had put the peanuts in their boxes, then in the trash can, like i should have, this would have never happened. i think i've just went almost halfway through a really good sex fantasy.

fucking wii/ damn library

2010-08-17 15:12:27 by omniamalgam

do you have a wii, or internet on the wii? do you ocasionally go to the library to get on the internet? wii sucks @$$. and typing, typing is an "adventure". you must use your wii remote as a mouse. and rather than clicking and typing because thats just too fucking hard you have to wait fora typing box to pop up, then type, then hit enter, then hit backspace because you need to hit "ok" instead, then hit ok, then click on whatever you need to click. it sounds easy, but after the 12 millionth time you want to fucking rip someones head off with your teeth !! and i just had to re-login because the computer booted me off in the middle of writing this in the first place.

what would i do to the idiot who thought up how to to use a keybord on wii internet?

fucking wii/ damn library