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happy new year

2011-01-01 00:34:11 by omniamalgam

now leave me alone till next year. with any luck by then i'll have finally have done something to my profile and stuff so i'll have something different. never let something get stale,
ja ne. dong ma. ya know.
and all those other things that all mean the same thing.

i just noticed

2010-12-22 17:34:36 by omniamalgam

it has been WAY too long since i updated my anything...
i got work to do...
oh and merry fucking x-mas to all, and to all, you know the rest.

i just noticed

if you chat and havent already guessed this your a silly silly person

2010-11-19 02:55:31 by omniamalgam

when i'm in newgrounds chat, i am always rping as my own oc myself.
thats what i look like
thats my super power
thats who i am
thats what i do
thats one scarry mother fucking cow
'nuff said

if you chat and havent already guessed this your a silly silly person

birth (no just birth is good)

2010-11-08 23:02:50 by omniamalgam


and now i have a dwarf top so i can do stuff but thats irrelivent
as i said


birth (no just birth is good)

back from youmacon or the con is over T_T

2010-10-31 19:53:17 by omniamalgam

youmacon has ended here's what i can remember in simpleness (also if need be, ask me in chat and i'll elaborate on what i can)...
10/27-29 work on costume and stuff (=all i did in my spare time)
11/30 12 or something pm made it to youmacon, got into most of costume. find gm renaissance centers' con entrence, get in costume, get in line to register.
11/30 laterpm register find game room, find dealers room, find con headquarters /beverage room, discover i'm too late for the charity ball, decide my mask could be more breathable
11/30 5pm to 5am talk with gundam guy, go to a godzilla panel, walk around hugging/talking to people, tell people "hug (or glomp) me i'm (certifiable, an amalgam, omnifarious, an oc)", find out about a rave, go "hmm..." and think about rave, attend first rave,
11/31 1-5am: still at rave, decide it's too fucking early for other people to play video games, look 4 a place 2 crash, end up in con-ops, recall last years cons worst moment involving several rip-it's, weird out of body experience i hope to one day forget, take my friend (who's name i'm having trouble with) to breakfast buffet, find out i'm $1.40 short, wait for friend to bail us out (thak you, sorry i forgot your name), hug people, get huged by people, get EPIC HUGGED, threaten people with my guns to hug me or else, mercenary for people, deal with my pounding headache and pained feet, go to a zombie survival panel featuring the zombie of BILLY MAYS (protect billy when needed), walk around seeing it's the last day of the con, die a little inside, keep up omnifarious optimism, meet random anime characters, drink whatever i could, be found by dad, pack up my shit, yell "SEE YA NEXT YEAR KIDS" before leaving,
11/31 6orsomethingpm make the trip back home, get back in time for holloween, think "fuck candy, i need sleep", unload my shit into my house, take a much needed shower, dry off, begin the sleeping process only to be awakened by grandparents to come eat, eat chilli "mmm chilli", say mostly lucid goodnights and goodbyes to grandparents and visiting family, collapse on bed, curse at attention craved cat for waking me in the middle of the fucking night.
11/1 5something am be reawakened by cat, go back to sleep,
11/1 11 am think how i could have been awake earlier, get up and dressed, get told to clean the home office because i left a mess there because i was rushed on friday, clean mess, eat brunch sandwich with an A&W rootbeer, tell stepfather about my weekend, log on to newgrounds to type this, go to chat b4 go to school.
so that's my weekend in a nutshell, i'd like to explain more if asked, so please do.


2010-10-25 21:15:37 by omniamalgam

great news
it's almost 10-28-10
'hey omni what happens then?'
great things my little innocent (if not sexy) bystander, (ooh a kitsune)
'(\_/) *twitch twitch*'
a couple of things happen in that time
1 devils/angels night: people either cause or prevent mayhem (but i'm not saying go out and vigilante)
2 haloween: cause who doesn't love being someone else?
'i don't'
and my personal favorite YOUMACON: it's too much to explain, other than it's in detroit's surrounding areas, and MY LITTLE VILLAGE UP THE COST IS BY DETROIT, SO IT'S NOT ACROSS THE FUCKING COUNTRY!!!!
games, cosplay, cherity coustume ball/dance, romancing, a perfect playground for everyones favorite cliché (and you!!! though i might not be ble to go, i got a 50/50 chance here *shrugs*).
so if you live in detroit or the surrounding areas (including canada, because they're just awesome) bring $55 to the detroit renaissance center and have some fun, then after dark, have som "fun" *snickers*
google youmacon for more info, don't be obstructed by price as i can smuggle you in if you know me. simply ask "are you omni?" and i'll smuggle you into a game room if i can. and even if i can't, you can still hve fun cosplaying
'but omni i hate faggy c-'
huff huff huff
(thank you deadpool and friends)
like i said, come on, it'll be fun!!
now where did that KITSUNE get off to? it looks like i could get some tail, and i mean that litterally! >:D
(i'm a cliché, that includes romantic, hero, pervert, and villan. i'm the right ammount >:) read my previous post towers of fiction, and comment dammit)
also on a side note i now hve aa working keyboard for some reason
*bumps into the kitsune*
hello beautiful
*pulls the curtains*

(my oc#1) crypt

2010-10-19 02:15:12 by omniamalgam

nathen montoya, a.k.a. crypt,
height 6"2, skin dark olive tan, hair black, eyes dark brown
base of operations: surrounding areas of detroit.
weapons: tungston carbide machette (damn near unbreakable), saiga shotgun (customized to also fire tranq darts and rubber bullets), multi blade equipped arm guard with computer.
outfit; velcro and lace boots, shin guards, basic jeans, leather (possibly pleather) jacket, kevlar bag (holds ammo and other miscellaneousness items and the machette and shotgun) blood shirt (a red kevlar vest/shirt, with veins of medicinal remedies), smoth black gloves, skull mask, face paint inspired by the crow movie (black eyes with virtical lines)
other: cryptcycle: a red harley with a wolf skull with a crow sign on the head, can be uplinked to armguard for remote guidence. crypt car: a small crimson and navy blue corvet muscle car used for traveling long distances and storing heavy artilery (can also be uplinked to the arm guard). magic touch: by removing his gloves crypt can "feel" an entire building, this allows him to tell the position of everything in a place.
back story: nathen grew up with his father, he would soon follow in to the family business of undertaking when he discovered a box in his dead mothers old study he found a note with a key the note read:
my dearest nathen
if your reading this, it means i'm dead, i was once told that after my death, a grim hero would arrive. i never approved of any of that superhero nonsense but with this key, you will find the strength to overcome the undead hords that amass as you read this, so go finish school, get a job, remeber i love you, and tell your father to get rid of that god aweful novelty coffee table/coatrack
- i love you
he left to find she left him a small volkswagen in a forest round their summer home in cadalac. frustrated at his "delusional" mother he kicked the front of the volkswagon revealing it had no engine, and that it was infact the cover to a staircase. he walked down the unfamilar entrance to a room of untold "who-knows-what", he used the key on multipple locks and entered a dark room when he found a light switch his hand was suddenly cuffed to the wall and a computerized voice said "do not move" as it took a blood sample. suddenlly the lights went on reveling a small moderatly large bunker/training facility. 'my own bat-cave, thanks mom' he thought. the walls were covered in sayings, "no place is safe, only safer", "keep low, keep quiet, keep alert", "develop the first weapon" (their was a stick figure by this one), "blades don't run out of ammo" and many more that all encircled him. onthe far wall away from the door was a large word that appered to be eched into the wall, it read "the crypt" 'how appropriate' he thought. he walked further into the room, it was filled with a living area, a crim lab, an unusually large walk-in safe/vault, a garage, and a training area, wen't to the computer and turned the key in a keyhole suddenlyhis mom appeared in screen
"hello nathen, if your watching this, you've found the letter and key" a hidden shelf slid out the wall "when your grandfather died we thought he took the last of the d34d compound, but we soon discovered that more was out there, we need you to finish this fight" he looked in the shelf to see an armguard with wicked blades on it. he slid it on him and peoclaimed
"from now on, i am crypt"
and so began his mission and the adventure of his life.

time for something "DARK"

2010-10-11 23:11:30 by omniamalgam

cold steel:
ripping through your flesh, it's how i feel
i hate you and your words make mine as cold as steel
you'd refuse me, and abuse me, why the raw deal?
i'll get my revenge you heartlesssly eel
and tear your flesh with cold steel.

red breath:
my blood and rage is crimson red
i rip the heart from a corpes so freashly dead
i care not for your anger or your rage
i've already won, and turned the page,
my red breath is all i need
your words may sting, but they also feed
with nothing but my hellish hate,
i'll burn you all that IS YOUR FATE

normaly on my wii i can't watch some flashes, however today i'm on a computer. i have learned somethg today, I DO NOT CARE FOR THE AUDIO PORTAL AT ALL. i can't listen to the audio portal at home because my wii won't load it, and going to the library is redundent because i can check music out there. on the other hand i can't check out music made by people on newgrounds in the cd section of my library (or can i?). and when i do look on the audio portal -like i have been since i typed "on the other hand"- i've found some things i like, such as...

Prelude to Calamity <a> ten/365114<a>

Slashman vs Quickman <a> /363036<a>


Samurai Rock-off <a> ten/361518<a>

i will probably never submit an audio file because
1) i don't own a working computer
2) i don't play an instrument
3) if i did play an instrument it would probably suck
4) i can't upload stuff from my wii
5) i can't make music on wii (and taking a month 2 hours at a time at the library is just dumb)
6) and some other reason if the other 5 hadn't convinced you.

(on a side note i gave up on finding a bmp for a pic to attach)

limerikcs... why not

2010-09-03 15:57:56 by omniamalgam

There once was a young man, from Michigan,
Who shook a small pop can;
It sprayed everywhere,
Making most sticky his hair,
Having to scrub it clean again.

There once was a young woman of France
Who had asked a jerk to the dance;
As soon as he arrived, To his surprise,
All was a pack of lies,
As she waltzed with the fool who ripped his pants.

There was a dog from turkey,
Who was most perky;
He helped a man across the street
Who was excited by the odd greet
And ended with a piece of jerky.

There was a congressman from a small band
Who had trouble trying to stand
When going down the stairs he fell
And found himself ringing liberty's bell
And had himself a time most grand.

There once was a computer from dell
That kept a secret hidden most well
When it was found
The owner tossed it around
And from a height most tall made it fall

limerikcs... why not