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Didn't want to lose this.

2013-11-25 13:46:13 by omniamalgam

Name: Nathen Calavera
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Age: n/a Minutes to Millenia.
Title: The Omnifarious Amalgam, Moter city merc, Guy that won't die, Anti-hero for hire, Mask for your task, spawn of Yautja, 億尾のもの/Oku-bi no mono, biscuts maker, professional cliche.
species: [url=]This unfortunately[/url]
Lucky streak: Still alive... Not sure if that's good or bad though...
Marital status: why would you want to know that?
Mistakes: Pleanty made, even more to be made
Favorite pizza: A pizza with Cheetos, chicken, sun dried tomatoes, broccoli, shrimp, spinach, green peppers, mac and cheese, ham, and bacon.
A being created from creation with no definite origin story, Omni is the heart and soul of clichéd storys. Powered by nostalgia, Omni finds any flaw that can be found and uses it to help or to destroy.
Childlike at times for his nostalgic based brain he is often refered to as "broken" or "misunderstood". These terms apply well, but the secret to making people believe he's insaine is knowing that in the end, he's a perfectly mentally stable gentleman... And that's why he's so volitile.
A self depricating idiot in every aspect, he's easily read, yet so hard to read because you can't tell how deep to dig. The things he says can either be a playful joke, or could lead to a huge shitstorm... The sad thing is he's so easily distracted he can't tell which...
A curious sort, the omnifarious amalgam is always ready to listen to a story and stick it's proverbial nose in where it dosent belong. It'll try and learn a story so that way it'll be more at home with whatever universe it's in. It'll make a home there untill eventually it's pulled out and forced back into an unreality where it has to work hard to get back into a new reality.
Time is relative to perspective in the eyes of omni. More madening things include that as well but most of all is his age. If regeneration is not an available option, a different form of ressurection is available. The subject leaves behind the body reappearing in a private place, unharmed as they were before their death while the original corpse disintigrates leaving the now living one only a few minutes old but as brand new as a newborn child.
Sex is a particularly unwelcome experience more often than not, as it is prophecized that the father shall die by the hand of the son(thus explaining cause for celibacy). The only other result from that activity is a traumatic resuscitation event that is quite self explicable and even more so disgusting.
The amalgam is a creature full of many things, and are never limited to only one option. Always growing and adapting to new situations, learning is a constant for the odd thing.


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